Actuarial Services

Conac™ is an actuarial service provider, offering local, independent expertise to clients in the Belgian market, whether they are Belgian-based companies or multinationals with operations in Belgium.

The range of actuarial services Conac™ provides includes all actuarial calculations, funding calculations and annual certifications related to a financing plan, Asset Liability Modeling (ALM) and continuity testing.  Conac™ also assists clients during their M&A events and provides counsel with their attorneys as needed.   Conac™ also provides calculations and reporting according to International Accounting Standards (IFRS, FAS and others).

Customized Software for Actuarial Services

Conac™ has developed customized technology solutions, tailored specifically for the Belgian market, to ensure best-in-class actuarial services for its clients, based on nearly 30 years of real-world actuarial experience:

  • APL for Actuariesis a software application created by Conac™ to help address defined benefit and defined contribution retirement pensions, as well as for death and disability risk.  Conac™ uses one actuarial tool per client covering all sub-processes for actuarial calculations including IAS/IFRS benefit obligations, service costs, provisions, solvency margins, funding levels, and future cash flows.


  • Conac ALM was developed by Conac™ to provide its clients complete stochastic modeling for risk assessment and their asset liability modeling (ALM) needs.  This investment model is an effective tool that yields insights as to how returns and prices on different assets or asset classes can influence the funding of a plan.